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Divine Empowerment
Through your

Menstrual Cycle

Take control of your body & health by learning how to nourish and strengthen it while utilizing your menstrual power. 

Achieve Hormonal Harmony

We no longer need to brush off our symptoms and be subdued to the frustration we've been told our menstrual cycles carry. We can live in harmony with our cycles. Let me teach you how!

Be Bold In Your Body

Fitness can be tailored and customized for your cycle to optimize results and avoid burnout

Conscious Nourishment

Your body is smart, but it requires nourishment to be its most vigilent self. Learn how to eat well at every point in your cycle and seasons of life.

Discover Yourself with Cycle Tracking

Simple tracking habits can be used to identify symptoms, trends and progress on your journey to discove the true you.


Client Testimonials

LYFE Babes

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I went into this program thinking to myself “If I could just lose some pounds that would be a win” And I’m on week 9 thinking to myself “man, if I can squat 10 more pounds this week that’s a win”



Working with Brittiny has quite literally been the best decision of my life. Before I started training with her, I was extremely overwhelmed and stressed with doing both work and school full time, and I never really cared for myself or my body.



My favorite part of Britt’s program is her focus on mental health, not just physical. No amount of food or working out or getting fit will make you happy if your mentality is not in the right place. I’ve learned to love myself through the changes

About Me

You're probably wondering: "how can a bikini competitor help me, I don't want to compete?" ​ I understand this question, but I didn't start my fitness journey in the competition world. I started in my apartment living room watching what few youtubes were out there and doing a bootleg copy of P90X. That is how and when I fell in love with fitness and nutrition and all it could do for me. I realized how much happier I was, how much more energetic and how much more confident I felt in my body. I knew pretty soon after I started, that I wanted everyone to feel the way I felt. ​ Later on I decided to try a bodybuilding competition where I fell even more in love. The discipline, the hard work, the dedication, it was amazing to me to see what our bodies and minds were capable of. But competing isn't an every day, all year thing and I became more focused on living a happy, healthy and balanced life. ​ Through my many experiences of different approaches to my health and my experiences with both in person and online coaches, I have developed a way of coaching I am truly passionate about. The things I look for in a coach, the things I have learned from bad experiences, I have adjusted, edited and tailored to fit my focus and my dream for all my clients. As time goes on I am educating myself more and learning new things with each new client that comes to me. I will always aim to better in every way possible. There is always room for growth and intend to reach the stars. Watching this business grow is one thing, watching my clients flourish is a world I want to live in always. I am a certified Integrative Health Practitoner (almost level 2), a certified Women's Hormone Health Coach, and a Certified NASM personal trainer. I have years of nutritional and fitness experience and a passion for womens health. I am always learning for myself and to provide the best for my clients. I LOVE this. Every body and every mind is different, together we will achieve just what you need.

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Do you have questions before applying? 
Once an application is submitted, if you are a good candidate we will have a conference to go over the program and any questions. If you have brief questions prior to submitting an application, you may ask them here. 

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