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LYFE Babe Transformations

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M started in a weightloss phase and lost 30lbs in her first 12 weeks. After a break she is back in action and continuing her progress!

Mercedes M: Sept 2020 - January 2021


Over the past few years, I’ve noticed a slow change with my body and mentality. Switching to a desk job didn’t help. Most days, I didn’t have a ton of motivation to work out and do anything physically that made me feel uncomfortable which wasn’t like me. My lifestyle really changed from what made me happy and made me feel like me. With all the change of becoming an adult, I managed to still stay somewhat in shape and healthy but eventually started to have an unhealthy relationship with food. I’d either binge everything I wanted or hardly eat at all. Training with Britt has really helped me understand that I can eat healthy but still feel satisfied and eat things that are delicious. From lifting, I’ve gained so much confidence back and am really beginning to love my body again too! Aside from the physical, I’ve noticed that working out has really helped with my stress and happiness. I’ve been going close to 5 months strong and am excited to see changes coming in a couple months!



Working with Brittiny has quite literally been the best decision of my life. Before I started training with her, I was extremely overwhelmed and stressed with doing both work and school full time, and I never really cared for myself or my body. I randomly reached out to her not knowing just how much that would change my life. Not only have I seen a huge physical transformation, but also mentally and emotionally. She’s allowed me to live my life with positive coping mechanisms and helped me to achieve a positive relationship with food. I have energy every day that I didn’t know was even possible, and I’m so much more happy and confident. I look forward to each day now, living a healthy lifestyle and continuing to better myself along the way.


I’ve always struggled with my weight from the age of 5. And it’s done so much damage mentally. I know how to lose weight and I know it’s important to exercise. I’ve lost 50+ pounds more than once In my life but then just to gain it back once something in my life shifted. And I’ve come to believe that I can’t have my cake and eat it too, literally. Training with Britt has first and foremost helped me find a meal plan that works for my body that still has carbs and fats. Which I’ve learned makes it more sustainable long term. The same goes with working out. As a single mom, I needed something I can maintain and that isn’t hard to fit into my schedule. My favorite part of Britt’s program is her focus on mental health, not just physical. No amount of food or working out or getting fit will make you happy if your mentality is not in the right place. I’ve learned to love myself through the changes. Ive learned the importance of discipline; I’m not okay throwing in the towel on the hard days. It’s okay to eat that cake from time to time. I’ve learned to find the time for ME and how important that is. We have one life and Britt teaches that you should enjoy that to the fullest but we should also fuel our bodies to be the best they can.


I went into this program thinking to myself “If I could just lose some pounds that would be a win” And I’m on week 9 thinking to myself “man, if I can squat 10 more pounds this week that’s a win”. My mindset went from being wishful to being strong. Brittiny has helped in so many ways to make that happen; from helping change my approach to food to helping me be confident enough to show up to the gym during peak hours (unimaginable 3 months ago...only if it was EMPTY did I even imagine setting foot in a gym). If I could have a mini Brittiny to keep in my pocket as my daily THAT would be a win 😂😂


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